Quotes Edit

"Well Your Leather Jacket is Tackier than mine! Rain 2016 (when she was fighting with Vanessa)

"I'm bored... gonna go burn down that plane now" -Rain 2016

Information About Rain Edit

When Rain Isnt Wearing A Leather Jacket

Rain (Rainbow) Is a Kind person that can be stubborn at times and and a bit brutal but overall she can be Helpful and Pretty Creative if you get to know her. But, if she gets together with her group (Characters names will be added later on) She can be a bit of a troublemaker.But in battle you probably don't want to make her mad... She is not the person you wanna mess with if you do.. (Once again character name will be added that have almost have been or have been attacked by her), But she can Forgiving if she chooses. But she should be used to it thanks to (Character name here again) Because he is the person who likes to hang around Rain even though he has actually been pretty close to being killed by her.But he still considers Rain as one of his closest friends

Weapons/Magic Edit

Rain Doesn't Really have any weapons except for her her Motorcycle that (Character name here) Upgraded and she does have quite a few talents but she doesn't like to show off or do them in front of people.But she is in Water Magic Training with Crystal and maybe some more later on.

Relationships Edit

Larry Edit

She considers Larry a friend but not as Larry considers her a best friend.She would like him more if he didn't annoy her as much

Red Edit

Now Red and her are closer than her and Larry (literally they are sister-in-laws). But they dont hang out as much due to usually having there own problems and other things like that.

Cipher Edit

Once again she is closer to Ci than Larry as well (Literally they are married).

Jarry Edit

They Don't really hangout nor are they good friends but she does call on Jarry when he is needed

Chloe Edit

They are pretty close because she has known Chloe since she was born (Because Chloe is younger than rain so..) Chloe can be a bit of a pest but Rain loves her anyways.